Is your provider giving you the content you need?

The latest Australian media and digital preferences consumer survey has been released by Deloitte Media and explores the ever changing media and entertainment universe.

What’s increasingly evident to us at Novo Super is if you’re not providing content to your customers that can be accessed when time allows then you’re no longer in the game. Take a look at the numbers:

  • social media now dominates our media behaviours with 84% of us now on social networks
  • two-thirds of us use social everyday
  • social is now a primary source of news for 18% of us which outstrips online and print newspapers (another industry that is dying a slow death as a result of the social disruption)
  • for the first time recommendations from our social media circles has surpassed the influence of tv ads on our buying decisions

And social is becoming even more sophisticated and seamlessly integrated.  Key trends to look out for:

  • the majority of us already believe that virtual reality (VR) will improve our media consumption experience
  • although VR is still in early days we like being immersed in the experience, don’t want to be interrupted and would rather pay for content (just look at the rise of Netflix, etc) than be exposed to ads
  • however, when we pay for it you have our attention and we’re all in with 70% reporting they pay more attention
  • 74% of millennials demonstrate social media consumption behaviours, this includes – using social media as a primary source of news, subscribing to streaming and spending more time watching streamed programming
  • 88% multi-task while watching tv and the internet is now on par with watching tv on any device
  • smartphone ownership has now risen to 86% in 2016

We’re immersed in content but if you’re not creating it and providing it then how are you reaching and engaging with new customers?  The newspaper, yellow pages, letters, flyers, expecting people to read a static website?  Time to rethink the strategy!


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